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Subantarctic Islands

The Sub-Antarctic Islands offer the perfect Expedition Cruise for the adventurer, bird lover and photographer. Our experts are happy to help you find the perfect Subantarctic Expedition Cruise for you.

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Subantarctic Islands Expedition Cruise

The Subantarctic Islands are small havens for some of the most abundant and unique wildlife on the planet. They lie in the cool temperate zone north of Antarctica and can be reached either from the south of New Zealand or Argentina. The Subantarctic islands generally have a milder climate than the rest of Antarctica, with temperatures up to 17 degrees Celsius above freezing in the summer months, which means that various flowers, such as native orchids, bloom in the middle of the summer. However, it is often the wind that determines the 'feels like' temperature.

Best travel period Sub-Antarctic Islands

Because of the milder climate, the courtship period on the Sub-Antarctic Islands is earlier in the season than on the more southernly continent. From October, the first small seals and elephant seals are born on the Subantarctic Islands. The best time to travel to the Subantarctic Islands depends strongly on your personal interests.

Subantarctic Islands Expedition Cruise

We offer different types of expedition cruises to the subantarctic islands. From Argentina you can explore South Georgia, possibly combined the Falklands. From New Zealand you can sail to islands like Macquarie and Campbell, that you might want to combine with the beautiful Chatham archipelago. Our experts are happy to help you find the perfect Subantarctic expedition cruise for you.