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South Pole

Only a few set foot on this magical and unique location.

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South Pole

90 degrees south, the bottom of the world. Adventurers and explorers tried to get to here, many failed this expedition. The first man who entered the South Pole after an almost flawless expedition, was Roald Amundsen. Nowadays it is a lot easier to reach the South Pole. Special airplanes fly to the most southern point of the world, to overnight at 90 degrees south. Others choose to make it themselves more difficult, by skiing the last degree, 60 nautical miles (111 km). The reward after reaching the geographical South Pole by skiing, is overwhelming and indescribable.

If you have ever seen ‘March of the Penguins’, you know where you can expect to see those extraordinary creatures. The Emperor penguins only live on the seventh continent, Antarctica. Combine your expedition with a visit to the Emperor penguin colony and the geographical South Pole, an experience that no one can describe.