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Russian Far East

Explore Russia's eastern edge, an incredibly remote place we're eager to share with like-minded adventurers. World’s best-kept secrets of wilderness and wildlife can be found right here.

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The Russian Far East

From the Kuril Islands in the south to Wrangel Island in the north, the Russian Far East is a region steeped in history and mystery. Access was restricted even to local Russians for many years. This isolation has long protected one of the world’s best-kept secrets – the region’s wilderness and wildlife.

In Chukotka, the north-eastern most region of Russia, they have a saying "God is a long way up there, but Moscow is even further away" which is true in so many respects.

Travellers who are looking for a destination which hasn't been organised and commercialised, a wilderness where we must travel on nature's terms and not on timetables will love the explore Russia's eastern edge. Expedition cruising is the perfect style of travel for the Russian Far East, where there are virtually no roads and very little infrastructure. We use local services and employ local people where possible.

We can offer you a number of very unique expedition cruises to the Russian Far East, all exploring a different part of this remote region.

"For those who have not been there, the Russian Far East seems impossibly forbidding and it’s often mistaken for Siberia (just west). The truth is it's bigger, more remote and, in winter, even colder."

- J.B. Phillips
  • Wrangel Island - Across the Top of the World

    This unique expedition cruise crosses the Arctic Circle and includes the isolated and pristine Wrangel and Herald Islands and a significant section of the wild North Eastern Siberian coastline.

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  • North East Passage

    A voyage through the Russian Arctic's Northeast Passage. Only a handful of expedition vessels have ever transited this seaway.

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  • Siberia's forgotten coast

    We will travel along the east coast of Siberia, what is still one of the most remote coastlines on earth.

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  • Jewel of the Russian Far East

    We will select sites that few people visit such as river mouths, fjords, bays and islands that in our experience offer the natural history enthusiast, the photographer, the historian and travellers the most unique opportunities.

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  • Russia's Ring of Fire - Kamchatka

    On this expedition we go in search of those people, plants, animals and birds that make Russia's portion of the Pacific Ring of Fire so special.

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  • Chukotka - Where Russia's day begins

    We will explore the vast expansive tundra with its wild flowers and dwarf tree species and we will watch for Brown bears, Reindeer, Arctic foxes, Ground squirrels and if we are lucky we may also see a Wolverine. At sea we will look out for whales and walrus and search for Polar bears.

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  • Sea of Okhotsk

    On three small islands within this sea hundreds of Steller Sea lions haul out each year to breed. One of these, Tyulenly Island, also is home to one of the largest concentrations and breeding colonies of Northern Fur seals.

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