Russian Far East

Explore Russia's eastern edge, an incredibly remote place we're eager to share with like-minded adventurers. World’s best-kept secrets of wilderness and wildlife can be found right here.

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The Russian Far East Expedition Cruises

This beautiful remote corner of our planet is unknown to even the most experienced travelers. The Russian far east has stunning landscapes and untamed nature unlike anywhere else on earth. Access was restricted even to local Russians for many years which allowed the region’s wilderness and wildlife to grow and thrive. Expedition cruising is the perfect style of travel for the Russian Far East, where there are virtually no roads and very little infrastructure.

Explore the Russian Far East

There are several places in the Russian Far East that you can visit on an expedition cruise. Each of these destinations has it's own beautiful landscapes and wildlife for you to admire. From giant untoucht glaciers and massive vulcanoes to thick forests and wide tundra. The Russian far east is home to a lot of spectacular wildlife like reindeer, musk ox, polar bears, arctic foxes, brown bears, whales and sea lions. Birds roam around the sky and you can see many different species such as tufted and horned puffins, parakeet, whiskered and rhinoceros auklets, as well as wpectacled and pigeon guillemots. Because the Russian far east is such a vast area, extending from Wrangel Island in the high arctic down to the Kuril Islands just nort of Japan, we offer several different expedition cruises.

"For those who have not been there, the Russian Far East seems impossibly forbidding and it’s often mistaken for Siberia (just west). The truth is it's bigger, more remote and, in winter, even colder."

- J.B. Phillips