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Mediterranean Sea

Step back in time and discover the Mediterranean coast as it once was. Beautiful islands with lovely fishing villages and ancient history.

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Discover the Mediterranean in a different way.

We all know the Mediterranean to be a popular destination for cruises, and for good reason! It offers the perfect combination of charming seaside towns, historical sites and beautiful nature. But who wants to experience all this interesting beauty with thousands of others on a large cruise ship? We don't! We prefer quality time with small groups, family and friends.
Visit ancient ports in small villages and eat freshly caught fish while in port. Snorkel and swim in small bays away from the crowds, or watch the sunset while enjoying a glass of local wine.
Charter a yacht with crew or book a cruise on a luxury Gulet. Step on board and discover the Mediterranean as it once was!

"We have known cruising the Mediterranen with the large cruise vessels which was not our thing. But the unique experiences onboard these small luxury ships was an 'eye-opener' for us"

Andrew Ames, Australia