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Franz Josef Land

A unique destination high up in the Russian Arctic. Franz Josef land is only accessible by ship.

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Franz Josef Land

Franz Josef Land is located high in the north of the Russian Arctic. The archipelago consists of no fewer than 192 islands and is the northernmost in Europe, well above the Arctic Circle.

Franz Josef Land - Glaciers & polar bears

The landscape is dominated by vast glaciers, and huge icebergs float in the sea even in the summer. Today Franz Josef Land is a nature reserve where a number of impressive wild animals can be found. Polar bears roam this remote place on land and on ice. Whales feed in the ice-cold arctic waters and walruses and seals are found resting on the ice floe. Millions of seabirds live on the high cliffs along the edge of the islands and can breed here undisturbed. For nature lovers, this unique and remote area is the perfect destination.