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Canada and the High Arctic

A paradise for wildlife lovers with ivory-tusked narwhal, grinning Belugas, majestic Bowhead whales and literally thousands of migrating birds. You just need to know when and where to go.

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In the footsteps of Great Explorers

For nearly three centuries, generations of sailors attempted to conquer the vast frozen expanses of the High Arctic… Our cruises to the High Arctic offer you the chance to sail in the wake of Roald Amundsen, Jean-Baptiste Charcot and Paul Emile Victor, to the heart of the vast polar region, a world with a fascinating strength and beauty.
We visit the High Arctic at the best time of year – as Spring transitions to Summer and the abundant wildlife in it's most raw and natural setting.
The High Arctic is a paradise for wildlife lovers with ivory-tusked narwhal, grinning belugas, majestic bowhead whales and literally thousands of migratory birds. You just need to know when and where to go. That is our expertise. During mid to late spring the sun is constantly shining. The warm soft glow of the midnight sun is a photographer's delight.
Being relaxed, patient and flexible are important attitudes to have in the High Arctic, where it should be expected that even the best laid plans sometimes need to change. The weather, snow, and sea ice conditions invariably play a role in every High Arctic adventure cruise.

It’s a crazy story... about more than one hundred thousand men who settled in the solitude of the Far North in Alaska to pursue their dreams: to find gold and discover the mythical world of American pioneers...

Jack London, in his novel 'The Call of the Wild'.
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  • High Arctic Dive Safari

    Imagine yourself under the vast and silent skies of the high Arctic with the midnight sun bathing passing icebergs in a warm glow as narwhal pass by. This is the ultimate Arctic diving experience!

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