Explore one of the last true untouched wildernesses on the planet.

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Arctic Expedition Cruises

Water surrounded by impressive pieces of land, that defines the Arctic. Waterproof offers expedition cruises to Norway, Spitsbergen, Alaska, Greenland, Canada and the Russian Arctic. Explore wildlife and be amazed by dramatic landscapes, luminous under the midnight sun or Northern Lights. Explore on the land looking for polar bears, seals, walruses and vast colonies of birds. Go below the surface and discover the magical ocean. Hike and Zodiac amid icebergs and spectacular tundra. Be on the lookout for whales and orca's, from the vessel that takes you to your Arctic destination.

Cruising the Arctic

Each destination has its own unique environment, our small ships are created for ultimate comfort and support during your trip. Our dedicated guides will show you around and tell you about the Arctics history and wildlife. Listed below are our expedition cruises with detailed information on the Arctic destination and the wonderful things you can see and do there during your trip.

When to travel to the Arctic

Early in the season there is still a lot of snow and ice to be found in the Arctic. In Svalbard, seal pups start to explore their surroundings while hungry polar bears go in search for food. Walrusses lay on ice floes and whales return to the Arctic. In Mid-summer you can enjoy 24 hours of daylight. The warmth causes glaciers to calve and tundra flowers will be in bloom. You can spot polar bears with cubs, reindeer and arctic foxes in Svalbard. The high cliffs will be teeming with bird activity and geese and ducks will have chicks by this time. Most expedition cruises to Greenland will start in mid-summer. Towards the end of the season you might have a chance to see the northern lights when it's dark. On land you could spot polar bears and reindeer are grazing the tundra before the snow comes in. Walruses will have young and baleen whales come feeding along the shores. Flocks of birds head out for their winter migration.