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A beautiful mysterious place, enticing explorers, adventurers and dreamers over the decades. Remote, inhospitable, encircled by pack ice, huge tabular icebergs and covered with an ice sheet miles deep.

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Antarctica - The White Continent

Antarctica remains the last vast wilderness on earth. A continent encircled by pack ice, huge tabular icebergs and covered with an ice sheet miles deep.
Remote, inhospitable and without permanent inhabitants. It is the windiest and highest continent, which is capped by an ice sheet over 4 km thick in places.

For many, perhaps, the most appealing aspect of Antarctica is its wildlife. Although there are only a few native species, those that have adapted to the harsh environment thrive in large numbers. Seals, whales and Penguin populations are counted in the tens of thousands in some rookeries. One of the characteristics of the south polar region is that its birds and mammals (such as seals and whales) depend on the sea. In the end, the penguins evolved to a swimming way of living and because they had no land-predators to fear, they lost their ability to fly.

Humans never inhabited Antarctica and exploration of the continent is relatively recent.
The only sounds you hear are natural - wildlife, water and the occasional boom of icebergs calving. If you listen closely, you can hear your heart beating with excitement!

As a voting Member of the International Association of Antarctica Touroperators, Waterproof supports the practice
of safe and environmentally responsible private-sector travel to the Antarctic (

  • Diving & Snorkelling Antarctica

    Diving & Snorkeling Antarctica

    • Dive & Snorkel Expeditions

    For advanced cold water divers looking for the ultimate Polar dive experience and for extreme snorkeling around icebergs and seals.

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  • Cruising the Antarctic Peninsula

    Cruising the Antarctic Peninsula

    10 nights

    • Polar Cruises

    Be prepared to be dazzled. The abundance of wildlife here is truly extraordinary including five seal species, massive penguin rookeries of Gentoo, Adélies and Chinstraps.

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  • Antarctica Whale Science Voyage

    Antarctica Whale Science Voyage

    • Polar Cruises

    Join the world’s leading independent non-profit organization dedicated to ocean research for an exploration of Antarctica and a study on the feeding habits of humpback whales.

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  • Antarctic Peninsula and Weddell Sea

    Antarctic Peninsula and Weddell Sea

    8 nights

    • Polar Cruises

    Our emphasis is on unique wildlife encounters, exploring new sites and pristine landscapes, visiting sites of historical interest and the occasional visit to scientific stations.

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  • South Georgia & Antarctic Peninsula

    South Georgia

    15 nights

    • Polar Cruises

    The combination of the Sub Antarctic Islands and the Antarctic Peninsula makes this voyage an expedition full of exciting highlights.

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  • Antarctic Air Cruises

    Antarctica Air Cruises

    7 nights

    • Polar Cruises

    Flying over Cape Horn and the mythical waters of the Drake Passage and explore Antarctica from above.

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  • Crossing the Antarctic Circle

    Crossing the Antarctic Circle

    11 nights

    • Polar Cruises

    Travelling south at the west side of the Antarctic Peninsula.

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  • Falkland Islands - South Georgia - Antarctica

    Falkland Islands, South Georgia and Antarctica

    • Polar Cruises

    Explore the Falkland Islands, South Georgia and the Antarctic Peninsula. A dream come true for wildlife enthusiasts. During this voyage you will be able to see up to six penguin species.

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