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Alaskan nature is overwhelming. Rugged mountains, bears fishing for salmon, whales and orcas feeding on fish in the inlets.

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The overwhelming nature of Alaska is impressive. Being mainly surrounded by oceans, has its benefits. The underwater world of Alaska is full of life, whales, orca’s, sea otters and various fish species can be found here in these waters. Other wildlife is attracted to this overload of fish, such as eagles and bears. The annual salmon run takes place from half may until September, these months are great for bear spotting. Alaska is known for its huge bear population, in Katmai National Park alone there are over 2.000 bears. The various national parks in Alaska have a lot to offer. Glacier Bay NP is probably the most familiar place to visit when travelling to Alaska.
We offer small vessel cruises to this outstanding place, were you will visit enormous glaciers and see all kinds of wildlife. Come and enjoy these spectacular voyages where large cruiseships can't go.