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Falklands & South Georgia

Experience the wildlife of the Falkland Islands and South Georgia. A dream come true for photographers and wildlife enthusiasts.

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The Falklands (Malvinas) & South Georgia

The Falkland Islands, the ultimate birding experience. Large colonies of some of the world’s rarest and most enchanting birds are easy accessible on this archipelago. Over 200 interesting and uncommon bird species, including five types of penguin (Gentoo, King, Macaroni, Magellanic and Rockhopper) live on the islands of the Falkland. Those birds are nesting between the most unusual species.

Thirteen endemic plants can be found on the islands, including snake plant (Nassauvia serpens), with its long stalks and tiny leaves, and Felton’s flower (Calandrinia feltonii), a caramel-scented, magenta-blossomed annual until recently thought to be extinct in the wild. Vanilla daisy (Leuceria suaveolens), while not endemic, is still interesting – its flowers smell remarkably like chocolate. There are no remaining native land animals.

South Georgia’s remote, untamed landscape is simply stunning. Marvel at the haunting cries of light-mantled sooty albatross, adorable fur seal pups learning to swim and reindeer scattered across lush, grassy flats. Hike up tussock-covered slopes, past mossy streams for magnificent views of Macaroni penguins, courting albatross and glaciated mountain peaks.


This is a sample itinerary. We do our utmost to guarantee the best experience, unfortunately we have no control over the weather or wildlife behaviour. Ports of embarkation and disembarkation and sites may change depending on vessel and departure dates, weather- and ice conditions.

  • Embarkation, Port Stanley

    Welcome to the Falklands Islands (Islas Malvinas). Pick up from the airport in Port Stanley to the vessel is arranged.

    Saunders Island, Carcass Island

    In the morning we will visit Saunders Islands where we will enjoy the beautiful long white-sand beach. Here we will have a good possibility to spot the Rockhopper penguins, black browed albatross and sub-Antarctic gentoo penguins. After this wildlife experience we will leave for Carcass Island. Where you will have the opportunity to join an easy hike to the settlement, bird watching or enjoy a typical Falklands tea experience.

  • New Island, Weddell Island

    New Island is a true classic West Falklands experience, with a lot of birdlife. Large colonies of albatross and penguin colonies live and breed here. In the afternoon, depending on the weather conditions, we plan to visit Weddell Island, which is located south of New Island.

    Bleaker Island

    Bleaker Island is a natural reserve with a famous bird area featuring a large variety of birds. After our visit at Bleaker Island we set sail to South Georgia.

  • At Sea

    When sailing towards South Georgia, a variety of lectures and presenations are held by our expedition guides. Watch for wildlife from the outside deck or from the bridge. You may spot magnificent seabirds, such as albatrosses and petrels, as well as different species of whales.

    Elsehul Bay

    Depending on weather and sea conditions we plan to visit Elsehul Bay. Provided we receive approval from the South Georgia Government, we plan to do an evening Zodiac cruise.

    Grytviken, Fortuna Bay

    Our first landing is at Grytviken. We clear Customs and then visit the historical site, with the museum and Ernest Shackleton’s grave. We aim to land at Fortuna Bay / Stromness to see king penguins. Here we learn more about Shackleton and his expedition. There is also an optional 2-3 hour “Shackleton walk”.

  • Gold Harbour, Cooper Bay

    Gold Harbour is a spectacular location with king penguins, elephant seals and glaciers. You might also spot the sooty albatross in this area. After leaving Gold Harbour we plan to do a zodiac cruise at Cooper Bay to see macaroni penguins.

    St. Andrews Bay, Ocean Harbour

    Here at St. Andrews Bay you will see the largest king penguin colony of South Georgia and a lot of elephant seals. During a zodiac cruising at Ocean Harbour we will visit the shipwrecks and the remains of the whaling industry.

    Prion Island, Salisbury Plain

    We plan to visit Prion Island to see the nesting wandering albatross. After our visit to Prison Island we head to Salisbury Plain for more king penguins and stunning landscapes.

  • At Sea

    Leaving the magnificant scenery of South Georgia and making our way back to the Falkland Islands (Islas Malvinas). Our program of lectures and presentations continues.

    Port Stanley, disembarkation

    After arriving back at Port Stanley a transfer is waiting to drop you off at the airport. If you are staying longer at the Falklands, a transfer will take you to your hotel.

Dates & Rates

  • Sea Spirit The Falklands and South Georgia

    • 19th Oct - 2nd Nov 2024
    • Embark: Stanley
    • Disembark: Stanley
    Prices per person from
    10,595 EUR

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  • Hondius The Falklands and South Georgia

    • 27th Oct - 13th Nov 2024
    • Embark: Puerto Madryn
    • Disembark: Ushuaia
    Prices per person from
    10,550 EUR


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