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Svalbard Expedition

A unique small group expedition to Svalbard with only 12 guests. This voyage offers you the opportunity to connect with nature and wildlife like never before.

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Svalbard (Spitsbergen) Wildlife Expedition

Far north of Norway you will find the Archipelago of Svalbard (Spitsbergen). Our expedition starts on the 2nd of August in the capital town of Longyearbyen, which is the most northern town of the world. From here we’ll sail for 10 days, past high glaciers and through deep fjords as we venture along the rough coasts of Svalbard. In August, most of the snow at sea level will be melted away which reveals the beautiful tundra landscape. We might still encounter drift ice on our route, but during this time of year we should be able to reach the more remote parts of Svalbard.

Small group expedition - MS Malmö

We will enjoy this Svalbard Expedition on board the comfortable and ice-strengthened expedition vessel MS Malmö. With only 12 guests and the highest level of flexibility, our voyages on board MS Malmö offer more unique experiences than any other. This small ship takes you to places where large cruise vessels can’t sail. And that gives you the opportunity to connect with nature and wildlife like never before. If conditions are favourable we will even go snorkeling on this expedition. This activity is included and snorkeling gear and dry-suits will be provided on board.
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Wildlife of Svalbard

Though you might not expect many animals it in this harsh and cold part of the world, during summer, Svalbard is the perfect place for wildlife watching. Many say it's the best place in the world to see Polar Bears. Svalbard is also home to a great population of birds, seals, walruses and beluga whales. On this expedition our guides will be constantly on the look out for wildlife.

Midnight sun Svalbard

Travelling to Svalbard in summer means enjoying the midnight sun. This gives you plenty of time to make most of your expedition. In August the temperature is usually on the positive side, much more comfortable than in spring or fall season.  

Highlights of Svalbard Wildlife Expedition:

  • Small ship with max. 12 guests on board

  • Operated by Waterproof Cruises & Expeditions

  • Enjoy the midnight sun

  • Encounter polar bears, walruses, seals and whales

  • Snorkeling in the Arctic waters

  • Wildlife photography

  • Zodiac excursions

  • Icebergs, glaciers, fjords and tundra

We are always ready to alter our travel plans to take advantage of light, weather, wildlife sightings and other opportunities that can change at any time. This is why we can't guarantee all activities and shore landings to take place, or that they will include all the events we’ve outlined in advance. Be prepared for cold but rewarding days out at sea with spectacular sightings of a unique display of mother nature. Bring a good portion of adventurous spirit. We deal with true wildlife encounters and unpredictable weather conditions. The success of this trip is based on realistic expectations and your personal flexibility.

  • Day 1 - Arrival & boarding in Longyearbyen

    Arrival at Longyearbyen airport and transfer to the harbor. In the afternoon you will go on board and have plenty of time to get settled in your cabin and explore the ship. Our journey begins when we leave the beautiful Isfjorden towards the open sea.

  • Day 2 - 10 In search for Arctic Wildlife

    Depending on weather and ice conditions we will choose the route for this Svalbard Expedition. We set course for the areas where we usually find polar bears and other wildlife. This will be the main focus of our trip. The guides will be on the lookout for polar bears, blue whales or walrusses. We will make excursions in zodiacs when the water is calm enough and if possible we will go snorkeling.
    While on the ship you can enjoy the amazing scenery from the covered wooden deck at the back of the ship. Here you have the best views over the sea and landscape.

  • Last day

    Early in the morning we enter Isfjorden and sail back to Longyearbyen. After bidding farewell to newfound friends, you are transferred into the village of Longyearbyen, there’s time to explore and shop before you are transferred to the airport in the afternoon for your flight to Oslo and onward to your final destination.

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