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Subantarctic Islands Expedition Cruise

The Sub-Antarctic Islands, located in southern New Zealand, are known for their rich nature in combination with their special animals, and are on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

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Subantarctic Islands Expedition Cruise

This is without doubt one of the most inspiring and fascinating expeditions of the Southern Ocean. The Sub-Antarctic Islands, located south of New Zealand, are known for their rich nature combined with a wide range of unique bird species, and are on the UNESCO World Heritage List. These special islands have the highest protection status from the New Zealand and Australian governments and access to these islands is therefore only possible with a permit.

The islands are all in a cool temperate climate and are home to a wide range of wildlife including albatrosses, penguins, petrels, shearwaters and marine mammals such as sea lions, fur seals and elephant seals. This expedition cruise offers you the most unique opportunity to explore these breathtaking locations with some of the most passionate guides to accompany you.

This is a sample itinerary. We do our utmost to guarantee the best experience, unfortunately we have no control over the weather or wildlife behaviour. Ports of embarkation and disembarkation and sites may change depending on vessel and departure dates and weatherconditions. Below you will find the description of a few places and highlights that we visit during the cruise where possible.

  • Invercargill / Dunedin & Embarkation

    Meet your fellow travellers in one of these special southern cities in New Zealand. From here you will depart to one of the ports situated in this beautiful area, where our adventure will begin.

  • Subantarctic Islands

    You will see the beautiful landscapes of a number of subantarctic islands; the Snares Islands, the Auckland Islands, Macquarie and Campbell. These islands give a perfect picture of the special flora and fauna in this region.

    Snares Islands

    This group of islands is located about 200 km from the southernmost point of New Zealand. The islands are home to a number of native bird species such as the Snares crested penguin and the Snares snipe. The Snares Islands are a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

    Auckland Islands

    The Auckland Islands are located 465 km south of the port city of Bluff on the New Zealand South Island. These islands are uninhabited and thus provided with their original flora and fauna. The climate is cool and humid. This group of islands is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

  • Macquarie

    Macquarie island is officially part of Australia. It is an island where two tectonic plates meet. Ecologically, the island belongs to the tundra region. The ocean temperature together with the constant wind ensures that the island has a temperature above freezing for 12 months a year. On the island live different kinds of penguins and elephant seals.


    Campbell Island is the largest island of the Campbell archipelago. The island has an area of 112 km² and is surrounded by numerous rocks and islets. The island is the most important breeding ground of the southern royal albatross. Other albatross species also breed on the island, such as the wandering albatross, the light-brown sooty albatross, and both the black-brown and the grey headed albatross. Campbell Island is home to many penguin species which breed on the island, like the yellow-eyed penguin, the rockhopper and the upright crested penguin.

  • Images by K. Ovsyanikova, AR. Russ and L. Gwynn for Heritage Expeditions

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