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North Pole Icebreaker Cruise

Get the unique experience of travelling aboard the most powerful nuclear icebreaker.

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North Pole Icebreaker Cruise

Visiting the Geographic North Pole is a true once in a lifetime experience. A powerfull icebreaker takes you high up into the Arctic, pushing through meters of pack ice until you finally reach the top of the world. This is one of the most unique and exclusive voyages out there today.
This itinerary lends itself perfectly to the observation and photography of arctic wildlife and the polar scenery. On your way north, you will get to admire the most extraordinary landscapes of ice, hundreds of miles away from any civilisation. Shoot incredible photos from the deck of the moving icebreaker or get in the ship's helicopter or hot air balloon for some aerial pictures! From the air you can observe the icebreaker crushing its way through the ice. Viewing the landscape from the sky enables you to truly appriciate the vastness of the polar icescape. If lucky, you might also spot a polar bear that ventures close to the ship or get to observe arctic birds, whales and even walruses.
Once you arrive at the Geographic North Pole at 90 degrees north, the ship will come to a halt and drop anchor. A ceremony will be held to celebrate this unique moment and everyone will step out onto the ice to finally stand on the top of the world!
After this memorable day at the North Pole the ship turns around to head back south. Depending on the itinerary, you will also explore the remote and beautiful islands of Franz Josef Land or the Greenlandic coast on your way back.

This is a sample itinerary. We do our utmost to guarantee the best experience, unfortunately we have no control over the weather or wildlife behaviour. Ports of embarkation and disembarkation and sites may change depending on vessel and departure dates, weather- and ice conditions.

  • Start of your journey north

    Depending on which ship and itinerary you choose, you will either depart from Longyearbyen (Svalbard) or Murmansk (Russia). Embarkation is usually in the late afternoon. Once on board you will have some time to get settled and explore the ship. That same evening your voyage will start as the ship heads north!

    At sea

    The first day(s) of the trip you will spend at sea. Out here in the arctic ocean there is always a good chance of spotting sea birds and different species of whales. So it's worth being out on deck to see what wildlife you might encounter. Depending on the weather and ice conditions you might also see polar bears and walrus on the pack ice.

  • Sailing into the pack ice

    At some point in our voyage north we will encounter the ice cap. As we continue our way north you will get to witness firsthand the ship’s immense power. At high speed the ship plows it's way forward, crushing massive ice blocks under the enormous bow. Expect to spend a lot of time outside standing at the bow or looking over the railing. The sensation of being on deck while the ship is moving forward feels surreal and is simply unforgettable.
    The further north we travel, the thicker and more dense the ice will get. At some point the ship might even have to go in reverse for a second attempt to push through dense walls of ice. Even this high north it is possible to spot a lonely polar bear wandering the pack ice.

  • A day at the North Pole

    The geographical North Pole is situated at 90° North latitude. At this point of our planet, the sun will not set for 6 months during summer, while in winter is will be dark for 24 hours per day. This mythical location, covered in ice and far from any land, has fascinated generations of explorers. So far, only a few people have ever been lucky enough to visit. Only a handfull of voyages sail this far north each year.
    When the ship arrives at the North Pole, it will ceremoniously drop the anchor on a sturdy stretch of ice followed by all passengers disembarking onto the frozen sea. Reaching the very top of the planet earth is for many travelers a much-anticipated moment. You will have plenty of time to wander around and take pictures of this unique moment in your life. If there are any gaps in the ice, you might even get the change to take a polar plunge into the icy water!

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