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Iceland, South Greenland & East Canada

Sail around world's youngest volcanic island, kayak through spectacular Tasermiut Fjord and enjoy traditional Kaffemilk with friendly Inuit locals in south Greenland.

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Iceland, South Greenland & East Canada

From the world’s youngest volcano to some of the oldest rocks found anywhere on Earth, you’ll encounter traditional Inuit communities whose strong cultures have remained relatively unchanged for tens of thousands of years.

Since days shorten in the Arctic, we have great oppurtunities to catch a glimpse of the northern lights, Aurora Borealis. Sail around Surtsey, the world's youngest volcanic island, kayak through spectacular Tasermiut Fjord and enjoy traditional Kaffemilk with friendly Inuit locals in south Greenland. Keep a watch out for whales, seals, foxes and nesting bird colonies. Explore the magnificent and remote fjords in Torngat Mountains National Park, home to polar bears and caribou, and visit 1000-year-old UNESCO-protected Viking settlements.

Join us on our first expedition from Iceland to South Greenland, and all the way down East Coast Canada. We’re excited about this trip and we can’t wait to share it with you. It’s a fine way to celebrate the end our inaugural polar season on board our new purpose-built expedition vessel, the Greg Mortimer.

  • Day 1-2

    Enjoy an overnight stay in Reykjavik before embarking the Greg Mortimer

    Day 3

    Off the south coast of Iceland, we discover Heimaey Island, the largest in the Westman Islands archipelago.

    Day 4-5

    As we cross the Greenland Sea, be sure to look up when the sun goes down. You're in the zone of the aurora borealis and if you're lucky, you'll be treated to bright ribbons of light dancing across the night sky.

  • Day 6-7

    Marvel at the majestic fjords and breathtaking scenery of Prince Christian Sound. We may visit traditional colourful Greenlandic villages Aapilattoq and Nanortalik, and kayak in Tasermiut Fjord.


    As we voyage around the southern parts of Greenland, we have ample opportunities to kayak, or walk around Norse ruins and Inuit graves, or perhaps take a dip in the Uunartoq hot springs. We may even observe local artists stone carving.

  • Day 10-11

    Attend informative and entertaining lectures ahead of our arrival at Canada’s spectacular and remote east coast. Our team of experts may present on the incredible geology or the rich wildlife found in the Torngat Mountains National Park.

    Day 12–14

    Experience the sublime wilderness on hikes and Zodiac-cruises in Kuurujjuaq National Park in Nunavik and Torngat Mountains National Park.

    Day 15

    As we sail south to Nain, our onboard lecture series continues, and you’ll learn about the history of Moravian missionaries.

  • Day 16-17

    Learn about the 18th century Moravian missionaries who had an enduring impact on the Inuit communities in Nain and Hopedale.

    Day 18

    Explore the buildings and walking trails of Battle Harbour, an important supply hub in the 19th century.

  • Day 19-20

    In L'Anse aux Meadows, wander the New World home of Leif Erikson. At Twillingate, explore an area that was the heart of the Newfoundland seal and cod fisheries.

    Day 21

    Disembark in legendary St. John’s, Newfoundland.

Dates & Rates

  • Greg Mortimer Iceland, South Greenland & East Canada

    • 23rd Sep - 13th Oct 2020
    • Embark: Reykjavik
    • Disembark: St. John's
    Prices from
    Captain's Suite
    EUR 28,800
    Junior Suite
    EUR 25,000
    Balcony Suite
    EUR 21,300
    Balcony stateroom
    EUR 15,200
    Aurora Stateroom
    EUR 10,100