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Scoresbysund - Greenland small ship expedition cruise

Join our Waterproof Signature Expedition Cruise to East Greenland onboard MS Polarfront.
Dates: 11 - 20 August 2024 (10 days)
Ship: Polarfront with only 16 guests

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Travel with us to the most beautiful part of Greenland:
The Scoresbysund

Join our exclusive small group voyage to Greenland's wild east coast for an authentic polar experience. On board our boutique ship MS Polarfront we will take you on an in-depth exploration of Scoresbysund, the largest fjord system in the world. Travelling to Greenland is relatively easy and safe and we make it even more convenient with a special charter flight between Iceland and Greenland*. 
Scoresbysund is home to some of the most impressive glaciers, carving their way trough the intricate landscape that is full of geological surprises. The waters are filled with enormous icebergs, and the variety of wildlife will make you want to keep your binoculars close at all times!

Exploring Scoresbysund

The east coast is a perfect representation of authentic Greenland with small hunting and fishing villages and colourful wooden houses. We'll go ashore to meet the local Inuit and see how they live in this remote part of the world. We also plan for daily shore excursions and zodiac cruises. You'll have time to hike through glacial valleys, clad in autumn colours. Or find your way to higher grounds for the most spectacular views of icebergs drifting through the fjords. Around each corner, arctic wildlife might be hiding. We hope to see the iconic musk ox and arctic hares, whales, seals, different types of sea birds and possibly even walrus and polar bears. From mid-August onwards, there's also a chance to see the northern lights, right in time for our voyage departing on the 1st of September.

Signature Trip - Operated by Waterproof Expeditions

This unique small-group expedition cruise is one of our Signature Trips operated by Waterproof Expeditions. We chose our trusted MS Polarfront for its small size and high level of comfort. With only 16 guests on the trip, it gives you the chance to really feel how remote, quiet and vast Greenland is. It also allows us to be flexible and adjust our plans to optimize every opportunity and offer you the best experience possible.

* The costs of this mandatory flight package are not included in the trip price.

Highlights of our Scoresbysund Cruise:

• Signature trip operated by Waterproof Expeditions
• Luxury expedition ship MS Polarfront
• Only 16 guests
• Daily landings & zodiac cruises
• Immense icebergs
• Arctic wildlife viewing
• Visit Inuit settlements
• Two expert guides
• In-water activities with kayak, pedalo and Polar Snorkeling

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This is a sample itinerary, outlining a few locations we might visit during this expedition cruise. We do our utmost to offer you the best experience, however we have no control over nature and wildlife. Our itineraries are flexible and landing sites may change depending on weather- and ice conditions.

  • Flight to Greenland

    Our adventure starts with a charter flight from Reykjavik (Iceland) to Constable Pynt (Greenland) where you will land at the small airport of Nerlerit Inaat. The flight gives you the exclusive opportunity to view the impressive landscape form the air. The vast scale of this desolate country is striking.
    Upon arrival in Greenland our crew will meet and greet you onboard the comfortable Polarfront. Make yourself at home and relax while enjoying a welcome cocktail as the ship departs for your adventure.

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    During our expedition cruise we will seize any opportunity for a zodiac cruise to get a closer look of the enormous cathedral size icebergs or to view wildlife both from the water and on land. When the opportunity arises, you may also have the chance to participate in a kayak activity or have fun on the pedalo and even enjoy the scenery below the surface while polar snorkeling!

  • Viking Bay & Danmark Island

    We might sail along the glaciated Volquart Boons Coast on the south banks of Scoresbysund. Here you can enjoy the sights of one glacier after another for miles. Sailing west we will find Vikingebugt (or Viking Bay). It's known for its impressive basalt columns stacked along the shoreline. We will attempt a zodiac cruise at the foot of these vertiginous cliffs.

  • Not far from Vikingebugt lies Danmark Ø. The island is home to the remains of a long-abandoned Inuit settlement. This well-preserved archeological site shows the ancient winter and summer houses, as well as evidence of their arctic lifestyle. We might take the zodiac for a closer look at the vast glacier front and then disembark for a hike. The brown and reddish autumn colours of the tundra create a beautiful contrast against the bright white icebergs in the background.

  • Røde Fjord & Hare Fjord

    Navigating through a maze of icebergs we will attempt to sail into some of the smaller branches of the fjord system, Røde Fjord and Hare Fjord. This might take us to Røde Ø, the Red Island. This beautiful red sandstone island looks like the surface of planet Mars. Its red rocky slopes, formed from sandstone sediments, provide a striking contrast to the dark blue Arctic waters and the vast blue and white icebergs that float silently in the waters of Scoresby Sund. If we can find a place to land you can walk among the autumn vegetation in search of musk oxen and arctic hares.

  • @Magnus Elander

    Ø Fjord & Sydkap

    If we are able to continue our voyage north you'll get to see one of the most impressive fjords in the world: Ø Fjord. This strait is around 74 km long, with high mountains on each side and colossal icebergs silently floating in the calm water. Many of these ice giants are stationary, anchored to the bottom of Scoresby Sund, creating an almost alien setting.
    Our aim is to reach Sydkap in the north east of Scoresbysund. You might have the chance to disembark here for a hike up the mountain from where you have an incredible panoramic view over Bredning Hall Fjord. This fjord is renowned for its dazzling display of light and offering some of the most iconic sights in Eastern Greenland. While you're enjoying the views, also keep an eye out for the elusive Arctic hare which can be seen here sometimes.

  • Ittoqqortoormiit

    Located at the entrance of the fjord system, Ittoqqortoormiit is the largest inhabited village in Scoresbysund. The 400 inhabitants of this isolated outpost rely on the bounty of the Arctic to sustain them and live off traditional hunting and fishing. The village was established here in 1925 because of the rich waters at the mouth of Scoresby Sund. At the post office you can buy stamps for your postcards, or just have a walk around town, say hello to the sled dogs and experience how people live out here in the remote arctic.

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Dates & Rates

  • MS Polarfront Greenland Scoresbysund

    • 11th Aug - 20th Aug 2024
    • Embark: Constable Point
    • Disembark: Constable Point
    Prices per person from
    Executive Suite
    12,700 EUR
    Superior Suite
    11,500 EUR
    Deluxe Suite
    10,900 EUR



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Expedition Activities



As our voyage takes place at the end of the summer, this expedition will yield extraordinary photographic opportunities. Days will be getting shorter, resulting in magnificent light for photography, the 'golden hour'. It’s that magical time of the day when the sun casts a softly diffused light over the arctic landscape. Photos taken during these moments capture a certain atmosphere that is almost impossible to replicate during any other time of the day. Excursions by zodiac take you in among the icebergs and we will attempt frequent landings to photograph the most beautiful sites and whenever opportunities arise along the way. In addition to the arctic landscape, you might have the chance to photograph whales as we encounter them, as well arctic hares, muskoxen and a variety of sea birds. As a bonus, you might see the Aurora Borealis dancing in the night sky over the iceberg-dotted fjords, the sight of a lifetime.

Kayaks & Paddle boat


On board there are 2 kayaks and a unique paddle boat (or pedalo) at your disposal. This offers you one of the best ways to immerse yourself in the quiet icy world of Scoresbysund. We advise you to have some basic kayaking experience and physical fitness for these activities. Please note that our water activities are subject to weather and ice conditions.

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Polar Snorkeling

€ 500 per person

During our voyage we offer the unique opportunity to go snorkeling in the icy waters of Scoresbysund. On board we'll provide you with quality Waterproof dry-suits and snorkeling equipment. You might get the chance to snorkel alongside grounded icebergs or somewhere along the rugged coast. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to explore Scoresbysund below the surface. An activity only few people have ever attempted.
Our Polar Snorkeling package includes a drysuit and all the equipment you need for a cold water snorkel experience!

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