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Franz Josef Land

Explore this extraordinary archipelago of Franz Josef Land. This remote place can only be reached by ship and is home to many kinds of wildlife.

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Franz Josef Land Expedition Cruise

This expedition to Franz Josef Land is just as unique and authentic as the place itself. We start this journey with a crossing of the icy, wildlife-richt Barents Sea towards the Russian High Arctic. In Franz Josef Land, one of the wildest and most remote corners of the Arctic, you will be amazed by the incomparable landscapes, nature and history. Here polar bears hunt for seals on the ice and whales swim among the huge icebergs. The country is largely covered with glaciers and ice and along the coast there are towering cliffs where millions of birds find shelter.

Franz Josef Land Islands

Franz Josef Land is only accessible by ship and therefore a very unique destination few people will ever visit. During this expedition cruise to Franz Josef Land we sail along the many islands and go ashore when weather and sea conditions are favourable. Places we may visit are Prince George Land, which is almost completely covered with ice and glaciers. Champ island where a large number of huge stone spheres lie along the coast. And Cape Flora, one of the more accessible places on Franz Josef Land from which many polar expeditions took place in the past.

  • Embarkation day

    In the afternoon we welcome you onboard. Explore the ship and get comfortable in your home-away-from-home for the extraordinary adventure to come. The long days of summer sunlight illuminate our surroundings as we slip our moorings and sail into a true wilderness where wildlife abounds.

  • Barents Sea

    Before we arrive at Franz Josef Land we have to cross the Barents Sea. Presentations and workshops by our expert staff prepare us for what lies ahead.
    Up in the high Russian Arctic, it is possible to encounter sea ice even in summer. Along the way, we’ll remain vigilant for sightings of ice-dependent marine mammals such as the elusive bowhead whale, various Arctic seal species, and the majestic polar bear.

  • Franz Josef Land

    The route and exploration opportunities in Franz Josef Land are heavily dependent on weather and sea ice. Our experienced captain and expedition leader decide our best route and continually adjust plans as opportunities warrant in this wild and remote corner of the Arctic.
    The archipelago, part of the Russian Arctic National Park since 2012, is a nature sanctuary. Polar bears and other High Arctic wildlife (such as walruses and some rare whale species) can be spotted anytime, anywhere in and around Franz Josef Land. Cliffs around the islands host enormous nesting colonies of seabirds such as guillemots, dovekies, and kittiwakes. We’ll take advantage of the 24-hour daylight to exploit every opportunity for wildlife viewing.

  • Franz Josef Land is dominated by glaciation, which covers 85% of the archipelago. Immense tidewater glaciers and glittering icebergs provide a stunning backdrop to our voyage. Franz Josef Land is also home to some interesting geological features, such as the mysterious stone spheres on Champ Island. Collectors of geographical extremes may take note that Cape Fligely on Rudolf Island is the northernmost point of land in the Eastern Hemisphere.

  • Visitors have the opportunity to walk in the footsteps of famous polar explorers at well-preserved historical sites. The journals of explorers such as Julius von Payer, Benjamin Leigh Smith, Frederick George Jackson, and Fridtjof Nansen come alive at Cape Norway, Cape Flora, Eira Harbour, and Cape Tegetthoff. Memorials, monuments, crosses and the remains of dwellings are testimony to incredible historical events that are further illuminated by our expert lecturers.

  • Disembarkation day

    After breakfast we say farewell to our fellow guest and the staff onboard. As you look back on your wonderful experience, you may already be looking forward to your next incredible adventure to the ice!

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