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Falkland Islands Exclusive

A true paradise for bird enthusiasts. The Falkland Islands are home to over 200 bird species, including 5 penguin species, King, Macaroni, Rockhopper, Gentoo and the Magellanic.

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Falkland Islands Exclusive

The Falkland Islands, the ultimate birding experience. Large colonies of some of the world’s rarest and most enchanting birds are easy accessible on this archipelago. Over 200 interesting and uncommon bird species, including five types of penguin (Gentoo, King, Macaroni, Magellanic and Rockhopper) live on the islands of the Falkland. Those birds are nesting between the most unusual species.

Thirteen endemic plants can be found on the islands, including snake plant (Nassauvia serpens), with its long stalks and tiny leaves, and Felton’s flower (Calandrinia feltonii), a caramel-scented, magenta-blossomed annual until recently thought to be extinct in the wild. Vanilla daisy (Leuceria suaveolens), while not endemic, is still interesting – its flowers smell remarkably like chocolate. There are no remaining native land animals.

  • Embarkation day

    Embarkation is in Puerto Madryn, where the vessel leaves in the afternoon.

  • Sea days

    During our days at sea we come across several bird species that follow the vessel towards the Falkland Islands. Golfo Nuevo is known for the southern right whales who visit these waters. Keep an close eye out for these giants.

    On our way back we are heading to the souther most point of Argentina.

  • Falkland Islands

    The Falkland Islands offer a wide range of abundant wildlife. The animals are very easy approachable, but remain at a appropiate distance. Not only are there more than 200 bird species on the islands, you are likely to see the Peale's and Commerson's Dolphins.

  • Steeple Jason is home to the largest black-browed albatross colony. The wind and waves make it very difficult to visit, but if weather conditions lets us, we are lucky to experience this beautiful part of the Falklands.

    Carcass Islands is despite its name a rodent-free island. On Carcass Island you will find two species of penguins, the Gentoo and the Magellanic penguin. This period (Oct - Nov) is the best time to see them breeding.

    On Saunders Island many penguin colonies are found. Four of the five penguin species can be found. Also the clumsy landings of the black-browed albatrosses can be witnessed here.

  • West Point Island is a small island with a large population of black-browed albatrosses and rockhopper penguins.
    On Grave Cove you are able to find nesting Gentoo penguins. Furthermore is Grave Cove an excellent place for hiking.

    A large King penguin colony can be found on the streched white sand beach of Volunteer Point.

    The capital, Port Stanley, is the cultural heart of the Falklands. You'll find a mix of South American and Victorian buildings, which results in colourful houses, well maintained gardens, and the well known English pubs. A small museum about the early settlement on the Falklands is definitely worth visiting.

  • Sites

    Nearby Big Pond on Bleaker Island, is an excellent spot for spotting wildlife. Featuring the dark-faced ground-tyrant and Magellanic snipe. An easy walk brings you to places to see Gentoo penguins, Magellanic penguins, Rockhopper penguins, and King cormorants.

    Sea Lion Island is very exposed which makes a landing very difficult. When lucky, it is worth the rough voyage. The island is home to the largest breeding colony of southern elephant seals in the Falklands.

    Coffin's Harbour on New Island is only a walk away from the New Island South Wildlife Reserve. Here you will find nesting black-browed albatrosses and rockhopper penguins. If you are up to a more strenuous hike, Landsend Bluff is a place where you might be able to spot some American fur seals. On the other side of the island is a special permit required. This permit is needed to enter New Island North Nature Reserve.

  • Disembarkation day

    Arriving and disembarking in the Southernmost city of the world, Ushuaia. A great way to end this special trip or a fantastic start of your travels through South America.

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