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East Greenland - Scoresby Sund

Cruising along Greenland’s remote northeast coast, home to the largest fjord system in the world, you’ll discover diverse and dramatically rugged landscapes rich in iconic arctic wildlife.

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East Greenland - Scoresby Sund

Explore one of the last unspoiled wilderness areas on the planet. Cruising along Greenland’s remote northeast coast, home to the largest fjord system in the world, you’ll discover diverse and dramatically rugged landscapes rich in iconic arctic wildlife. Immersed in the untamed beauty of the Arctic, you’ll experience Inuit culture firsthand, visit ancient Thule sites steeped in history and marvel at the majesty of massive icebergs and towering bird cliffs. If you’re lucky, you may also catch sight of the spectacular northern lights dancing across the sky.

Zodiac cruise and kayak along sounds filled with spectacular icebergs calved from glaciers of Greenland’s enormous ice cap. Rock-climbers will thrill to the adventure of scaling some of the world’s least explored and dazzling mountain ranges, while scuba divers plunge below the icy sea to witness a strange dazzling world seen by few. On shore, encounter colourful tundra on hikes and meet friendly Inuit locals who still practice a traditional hunting and fishing lifestyle.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a sample itinerary. The final itinerary always depends on the weather, ice conditions and wildlife behaviour. Bring a portion of flexible attitude for expedition cruising and you will have the best adventure ever!

  • Reykjavik, Iceland

    Arrival in Reykjavik. Depending on the itinerary, you will board the vessel in Reykjavik or Akureyri (included six-hour drive from Reykjavik). It is also possible to fly from Reykjavik to Constable Point (Greenland) to board your vessel and begin your expedition.

  • At sea

    As we cruise north across the Denmark Strait, your Expedition Team will prepare you for the adventures that await. Learn about the storied history and politics of the Arctic, its fascinating wildlife, geology, ecology and climate, and the incredible sights you will soon explore. The team will also search for the seabirds soaring around your ship, as well as the whales that frequent the waters here.

  • Exploring Northeast Greenland - Scoresby Sund

    During your tour of Greenland’s remote northeast coast, you’ll enjoy Zodiac cruises and shore visits to several locations. We’ll also keep an eye out for grazing muskoxen, as 40 percent of the world’s muskoxen population lives in Northeast Greenland National Park. Sailing through spectacular Scoresbysund, the birthplace of many icebergs, you’ll immediately see why some say it’s the most beautiful fjord system on the planet.

  • Ittoqqortoormiit

    At the start of the sound, Itoqqortoormiit is East Greenland’s most northerly community and boasts a blend of traditional and modern lifestyles. With clear skies, you’ll have a great opportunity to see the northern lights.

  • Frederiksdal and Sydkap

    Sailing on, deeper into Scoresby Sund you’ll encounter massive icebergs and an ancient Thule settlement as we approach Sydkap. The scenery here is unforgettable, with towering mountain sides and hundreds of monumental icebergs playing tricks with your sense of perception.

  • Ella Oya

    Another place you might visit is Ella Oya, a hiker’s paradise. The area is surrounded by ice-choked waters, rugged cliffs and sky-blue icebergs. Challenge yourself with a climb to the top of the island—the views are worth it.

  • Disembarkation

    You can again choose between sailing or flying back to Iceland. When crossing the Denmark Strait by ship, you can look for whale blows and the many seabirds that trail the ship in the ever present Arctic winds. Enjoy the time to reflect on your recent adventures, share and exchange photos, and breathe in the fresh ocean air.

Dates & Rates

  • Greg Mortimer East Greenland - Scoresby Sund

    • 10th Sep - 22nd Sep 2021
    • Embark: Reykjavik
    • Disembark: Reykjavik
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    EUR 13,900
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