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Small ship cruise to the heart of Greenland

Get carried away by a frozen world of glaciers and gigantic icebergs beyond your imagination.

Small Ship Expedition Cruise Disko Bay

This Arctic expedition cruise explores the natural wonders of Disko Bay, on the western coast of Greenland. This area is often described as the birthplace of icebergs! Gigantic towering icebergs in the most mysterious shapes litter the fjords. Our small expedition ship is agile enough to manoeuvre through this maze of ice, taking you to the most remote locations in the Disko Bay region. Even this high up in the Arctic, there are several settlements along the coast which we hope to visit during our expedition cruise.
The enormous icebergs we expect to encounter are parts that broke off glaciers from the Greenlandic ice cap. The ocean sculpts them into spectacular shapes. Some tower as high as a 15-storey building, while others form arches or even resemble a cathedral. Whole fields of ice gently drift south under the influence of the Arctic currents, some icebergs can drift thousands of miles before finally melting away.
During the summer months, the midnight sun offers great opportunities for wildlife viewing. The waters of Disko Bay are home to humpbacks, pilot whales and minke whales and on land we might see reindeer and arctic foxes.

Please note, this itinerary is an example and is subject to weather and ice conditions. The mentioned places are some examples of the many sites this Greenlandic region has to offer.

  • Departure from Ilulissat

    When arriving in Ilulissat you will immidiately be struck by the natural beauty of Greenland. This small town, located at the Iluissat Icefjord is known for the huge icebergs that float into the bay. A great place to start your adventure! After exploring the town and the surrounding area it is time to step on board the ice strengthened expedition ship which will be your home for the coming days. The ship will sail out into Disko Bay, making it's way past myriads of icebergs, heading for a true Arctic adventure!

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  • A world of ice and glaciers

    Waking up on board and overlooking Disko Bay will amaze you ervery morning. Enjoy your breakfast with a view of the volcanic cliffs of Disko Island and get ready for a day of exploring. The remoteness from our everyday life is obvious!
    Disko Island's geology is unique and its lush vegetation stands out in the ice-packed landscape. The vulcanic island is a great location for hiking around the hot springs and to admire the basalt columns. A visit to colourful settlement Qeqertarsuaq is definitely on our list. Just outside the town there are some nice hiking paths, overlooking cliffs with caves and the icebergs floating in the bay.
    We will attempt to cruise close to the eastern side caves, a place where we often witness humpback whales feeding! A wonderfull sight to spot them here in this beautiful location.
    On our way north we will occasionally hear the explosive sound of a large ice calving across the bay. We pass by several enormous glacier fronts while we navigate through a maze of ice. It is very powerful experience to hear the thundering sounds as glaciers calve.

  • Discover Greenlandic Culture

    We may stop by some old fishing village on the east side of Disko island to learn about their traditional lifestyle. This is one of the highlights of Greenland compared to other Arctic destinations. There are many small settlements where people still live in traditional ways and they are happy to welcome you into their towns.
    In the village of Saqqaq, unique archaeological findings of the ancient Saqqaq culture have been made. These date back to around 2500 BC, making the Saqqaq the earliest known inhabitants of Greenland.
    There are also more recent historical remains to be found here. On our way back to Ilulissat we will pass the former whaling settlement Oqaatsut. Today this is a small fishing community with colourful houses along the coastline. However, in the 18th century it was a trading post for Dutch whalers.

Dates & Rates

  • Ultramarine Disko Bay

    • 2nd Jul - 16th Jul 2024
    • Embark: Reykjavik
    • Disembark: Reykjavik
    Prices per person from
    22,400 EUR

    Route: Reykjavik - South Greenland - West Greenland / Disko Bay


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