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Alaska's Glacier Bay

Explore Glacier Bay National Park and spot species of wildlife: mountain goats, wolves, puffins and more. All glaciers that you'll see have their own character.

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Alaska's Glacier Bay

Glacier Bay National Park is reportedly the most sought after park to visit in the United States and it is no wonder. Where else will you find a 25 mile-long river of ice still carving the land just as it has for the past several thousand years? The national park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and Biosphere Reserve. Although there are no roads leading to Glacier bay Park many people visit, but none will have an experience like you.

Awed by glaciers, you learn the park's history. Explore the grounds that form the home of animals such as bears, wolves and mountain goats. Enjoy the amazing view from your vessel and get even more exited when you see the animals upclose from your kayak or zodiac You can spot all kinds of species of wildlife, including puffins, sea otters and sea lions. Get to know the wonderfull nature life that lives in Alaska's Glacier bay.

PLEASE NOTE: These are places that you might visit during your cruise.

  • Embarkation day

    Welcome in Juneau, Alaska and welcome aboard! Meet the crew, settle in and relax with your shipmates. Get ready to sail towards Glacier Bay National Park.

  • Places you might visit

    Icy Strait

    Before you do anything, look out the window. From kelp-lined channels to hemlock and spruce forests, every inch of this far northwest corner is worth exploring. And if the tides are right, head out in the skiff with one of the guides for a closer exploration of the rugged shore. Seals and sea lions haul out on rocky outcroppings, resting before they disappear in the water to search for food. Whatever you do—wilderness trekking, skiffing, or paddling—your expedition team guides the way.

  • Glacier Bay National Park

    This crown jewel of America’s national parks covers 3.3 million acres (that’s a tad smaller than the state of Connecticut). Taylor Bay sea stacks and rocky shores make for good adventure. Or hike the outwash field of glaciers winding down the Fairweather Mountain Range. The cool breeze of the nearby snow and icefields is energizing. If you motor over to Dundas Bay, keep your eye out for bears, humpbacks, and if you’re lucky, a wolf sighting. Kayak the bay. Bushwhack into the forest. Discover Glacier Bay outback. Your camera’s memory card needs plenty of room.
    There’s adventure afloat and ashore.

  • Chatham Strait

    Chatham Strait stretches for 150 miles in the Tongass National Forest. Find a perch on the bridge with your captain, or with your guides on the bow, and watch for whales and other creatures before tucking into Port Frederick or another inlet in the Tongass National Forest. Any spot’s a good one to pull over and stretch your legs. Hike, paddle, or skiff your way through this remote corner with bears on the shoreline, seals bobbing on the surface, and welcoming boughs of moss in the trees. It’s all yours to explore.

  • Captains choice

    Today your captain will find the right place to go. You know firsthand—conditions in Southeast change one inlet to the next. Your captain is at the helm and picks just the right spot. Wherever you head, the adventures are as big as the water is deep! So many hidden pockets in the Tongass National Forest. Give your paddle board skills a glide. Watch for big-eyed harbor seals from a kayak. Bushwhack into the forest of giants. Your guides know the area’s history and keep it lively.

  • Haines

    The center of adventure. Tucked beneath snowcapped peaks, Haines has it all. Hiking, biking, rafting, and history. One thing’s for sure—the trails are irresistible. Go easy, or feel the burn—whatever your speed, the views reward in spades. Your expedition team shares the city’s captivating history. A trading outlet for Chilkat Tlingit, they called it “Dtehshuh”—the end of the trail. European explorers, the Klondike gold rush, a U.S. Army outpost—influences still apparent today. What holds your interest? Follow your curiosity on a self-led tour.

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