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Meeting with Shark diving professional Cristina Zenato

Written by Marlynda Elstgeest

The annual week of shark obsession has arrived !  What better way to celebrate the 30th anniversary of shark week than meet up with Shark diving professional Cristina Zenato. Cristina has been diving with sharks for the last twenty-two years. Her field knowledge about sharks... more

Meeting with Award winning wildlife Cinematographer Scott Portelli

Written by Marlynda Elstgeest

"Being the ‘girl next door’ kind of person I feel blessed and humbled by the amazing people I have met over the years. I want to share these amazing persons with you because they inspire and give hope to the world. Life is too short but long enough to make a difference.... more

FAQ’s about the Aurora Borealis – Northern lights

Written by Waterproof Contributor

During a number of our expeditions we admire the dancing green lights of the Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights in the sky.  We admire them when we snorkel with Orcas in Norway or during our Ice diving trips at the White Sea in Russia. And though Heineken claims to play an... more

White Sea Ice Diving Triplog – February / March

Written by Waterproof Contributor

Scenery with FlippersArctic Circle, Russia, White Sea February 27th – March 07th Geographical maps state that the Big North starts at 66°33’ North latitude (Polar Circle) and finishes at 90° of the North Pole. To face facts, the Big North and the lands around Polar Arctic Circle are... more

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