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Polar Diving & Polar Snorkeling

Polar Plunge in the Antarctic – The ultimate Polar experience

July 26th, 2018 by

The Polar Plunge in Antarctica is almost a rite of passage. Guests can sign up to, one by one, plunge safely into the frigid Southern Ocean. Waterproof explorer Carol Warman shared her freezing experience.  A beautiful, golden sunny morning and we were returning onboard after our first landing on a huge, crisp, crunchy white ice floe […]

Expedition diary – To the Antarctic with WATERPROOF

July 26th, 2018 by

It’s early morning. I’m sitting on the dock watching the sun rise over the southernmost crags of the Andes. A great day lies ahead. There are just a few clouds and a sun trail flares across the waters of the bay. Blue-eyed shags dive for fish; dolphin gulls loiter for scraps and, in the far […]

Expedition diary – Winter Whales of Norway

July 26th, 2018 by

“Got any travel plans?” asked Tony, when I saw him the pub, “You know, get away from the cold British winter?” “Yes”, I replied. “We’re going snorkeling”. “Caribbean? Red Sea? Maldives?” “No, we thought we’d try Norway”. Tony inhaled some of his beer. “Oh yeah?” he spluttered, “Tell me another!” “No really … in the […]

FAQ’s about the Aurora Borealis – Northern lights

July 22nd, 2016 by

During a number of our expeditions we admire the dancing green lights of the Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights in the sky.  We admire them when we snorkel with Orcas in Norway or during our Ice diving trips at the White Sea in Russia. And though Heineken claims to play an important role in the […]