We reached out to our expedition team, each in their own respective world’s, to see what they are up to. How do these adventurous souls, experience a ‘lockdown’ where travelling has been out of the question for months. How do they experience this time of reflection?

“Before we know it, all adventurers will be back exploring.”

Today we are having a chat with Birgitta, who is currently hiding out on an island in the warm pacific. Birgitta has been part of the expedition team since our first Winter Whales of Norway seasons. As an experienced diver and snorkeler, Birigitta takes safety in the water very serious and will make sure your dry suit and gloves are completely zipped up and waterproof.

Where are you now and how are you spending your time?

I’m in New Caledonia, in the South Pacific, where my boyfriend and I found our new floating home in the beginning of the year. The last many months have been spent on drydock, working on the sailboat, to get her ready for a salty living and we finally got her back in the water in the end of November. There is still plenty improvements to do to get the boat in the state we wish, but much more pleasant to work on it now when she is floating! Lovely feeling to be back in the fauna rich lagoon where the colourful underwater world is just a small plunge away. Birgitta Mueck snorkeling

What do you miss most, now that we can’t travel to Norway this winter?

There is so much I love about Norway. To share the beauty filled scenery the snow peaked mountains and deep fjords make. Inhaling the clean, cold Arctic air while looking for northern lights during long dark polar nights. The growing excitement when the first northern light finally appear on the sky! To search the scenic fjords in hope to find and get curious, memorable encounters with the amazing winter whales. And not the least, to share a trip of a lifetime with all the wonderful guests and crew onboard!Humpback whales Norway Birgitta

What is your favourite memory of your trips to Norway?

Each day spent in the fjords is so different from the other. When waking up in the morning, we never know what ventures or encounters the day might bring. This is what I enjoy so much about working with nature, nothing is for granted which makes every moment spent out there so special and unique!Winter Whales by Birgitta Mueck

Do you have any tips or advice for our future Winter Whales guests?

Be prepared for an awesome Arctic winter experience ranging from the amazing polar nights, sometimes filled with the great auroras, and the precious decreasing day light hours revealing the pure magic of the fjords and its inhabitants with its unique high latitude winter ambience.Birgitta zodiac norway snorkel

How do you see the future (of travelling) after the pandemic?

As humans are very adaptable creatures, we may not feel a big change. Before we know it, all adventurers will be back exploring.

Birgitta driving the zodiac alongside a pod of orcas in Northern Norway – 2019

About Birgitta Mueck – Waterproof Expedition Leader

Birgitta is an experienced diver, a certified PADI Divemaster and PADI AmbassaDiver.
She has spent the majority of her time in the field as an underwater camera operator. Together with her father and sister, she runs Crystal Water Film Production, a Swedish film company that produces underwater films. During the winter season, Birgittia is an Expedition Leader for our Winter Whales of Norway Expeditions in Northern Norway. And when she is not on a Waterproof Expedition or filming, she lives on a sailing boat in the warm tropics.

Follow Birgitta on Instagram: @birgittamueck


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