The soul of Waterproof Cruises & Expeditions is created by Marlynda Elstgeest, a Dutch woman with a great passion for travel and scuba diving. Her first diving experience dates back to 1989, and since then she’s literally been fascinated by it. When graduating she wrote a thesis on “Sustainable Tourism”, a true manifesto of what her professional life would look like. She worked in the world of tourism, specializing in marketing, PR and operational management for twenty years.

The call of the ocean and the drive to share her love for the polar regions was so strong that she decided to start her own company. Together with the Swedish underwater cinematographer Göran Ehlmé (designer and founder of brand Waterproof Diving Sweden) she founded Waterproof Cruises & Expeditions. The experience and know-how of both of them is undeniable and together Marlynda and Göran’s challenge is to share what the two of them do best together: to organize unforgettable, breathtaking expeditions while respecting the environment.

Their ‘project’ was originally aimed at diving professionals, looking for a polar diving adventure. This requires professional diving preperations. Due to the presence of icebergs, freezing water, ice and suddenly changing weather conditions, divers should be able to handle unpredictable and sometimes complex situations without hesitation. To make this underwater experience available also for the less experienced divers (or non-divers), they invented the new activity Polar Snorkeling. With specially designed snorkel drysuits, travelers with no diving experience were now able to enjoy the underwater beauty of Antarctica. Today, Waterproof offers polar diving and polar snorkeling on expeditions to Antarctica, Spitsbergen/Svalbard, Greenland, Norway and the White Sea. These are all unforgettable adventures during which you will be able to admire the marine environment and wildlife, in an area difficult to reach and therefore explored by only few divers.

Antarctic Ambassadors

Marlynda is convinced that travelling to Antarctica and seeing the beauty of the continent with your own eyes will turn travelers into Ambassadors for environmental protection. Experiencing the impacable beauty of Antarctica creates awareness of the possible impact of global warming on the continent and raises awareness for the care of our planet. Waterproof offers unique, educational and compelling travel experiences to fascinate travelers.


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