Northern Norway is the most colorful place in winter. Snow-capped mountains, glowing sunsets and a good chance to see the northern lights at night. If you’re planning an expedition cruise to Northern Norway, January is a perfect moment.

1. Northern Lights

To view the Northern lights, or Aurora Borealis, is a bucket list item for many people. In Northern Norway you’ll have the best chances during the long winter days from November to January. And as there is hardly any light polution in this region, you have the perfect conditions to spot the Northern Lights. On our last voyage of the season, end of January, we were lucky enough to see the Aurora 3 nights in a row. During the days the sky was often cloudy, but in the evening it cleared just enough for the green lights to peak through.

2. Colorful skies

During twilight hours, the sky can turn into the most amazing pink, purple and yellow colors. Every minute the colors change, and make the landscape look different. From the deck of the ship you have the ideal view for photographing the colorful scenery.

3. Snowy fjords

In January, Northern Norway is usually covered in a beautiful white layer of snow. The white mountains reflect the sunlight beautifully, and when sailing into a narrow fjord like Trollfjorden, you might even encounter some sea ice which the ship has to make it’s way through. Not only does this make the fjords look even more enchanting, the snow also offers some nice opportunities to extend your stay after the expedition cruise. You could go for a husky safari and let the dogs guide your way through the arctic landscape or take a snowmobile to go on an adventure.

4. Longer days

Towards the end of January (and in February) the days are getting longer rapidly. You will have much more daylight hours compared to end of November and December. This allows you to enjoy even more of Northern Norway and gives you plenty of time to take loads of perfect pictures, or just enjoy the views on deck.

5. Whales & Orcas

If Northern Norway isn’t beautiful enough on it’s own for you, in the fjords you have good chances to spot whales and orcas! They come here in winter to feed on large schools of herring and usually stay up to the end of January. When there’s been a whale or orca sighting, the captain will alert everyone on board to come on deck and watch these beatiful creatures. Besides these large whales you might also see pilot whales or seals and in the sky you can sometimes spot eagles flying over.

Let the beauty of Northern Norway inspire you!

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    Truly a wonderful country
    This is where everyone will go
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