You’re planning a once in a lifetime trip, a visit to see unimaginable nature and wildlife.. Well then, why not see ALL of the destination? An Antarctic experience should not just be about the scenery and animals above the ice. Make your experience completely unique and go polar snorkeling in Antarctica! You’ll really have special stories to remember!

Snorkeling in Antarctica

Diving is an exciting activity no matter where you are in the world, and it gives a glimpse into a very special world that most people never see. However, one must have some very specialized training to dive in Antarctica. Many people long for a chance to see what Antarctica has to offer underwater, but don’t have the diver certification to do so. Non-divers need not despair, as you can go polar snorkeling on many expeditions to Antarctica. Imagine floating in blue icy water and swim through a wonderful underwater landscape not found anywhere else on the planet. How could you stay in the zodiac when looking into these clear blue waters? Discover for yourself the amazing mobility and speed penguins have when entering (and exiting) the water, watch icebergs descend into the deep and imagine the marine life this icy Antarctic depth holds.

Snorkeling is an amazing experience anyone traveling to Antarctica can enjoy: imagine swimming amongst Antarctic marine life, from the smallest amphibian to the largest Humpback Whales in their natural habitat. During the expedition you can mix polar snorkeling excursions with land excursions to get the best of Antarctica below and above the surface.

Polar snorkeler on the ice in Antarctica

Staying warm when polar snorkeling

The first question that might cross a potential snorkelers mind is, isn’t that cold? Waterproof Expeditions is partners with Waterproof International dive equipment and created the perfect snorkeling dry suit, keeping you warm and dry, while offering great mobility. Dry suits and full snorkel gear are provided on board the expedition ship, so no extra luggage for you!

The logistics of snorkeling depend on a number of factors like ice and weather, possible snorkel sites, what there is to see, and what other activities are being offered. On any particular day, one can choose to snorkel, to take part in the land activities or even do both. Each excursion starts with a briefing about the particular snorkeling site and what snorkelers might see and experience in the water. After gearing up, snorkeling will either start from a Zodiac or from the shoreline. You will always have a team of experts looking after you and planning everything from timings to safety perimeters. However, while polar snorkeling you should always expect the unexpected, like a surprise visit by an inquisitive crabeater seal or a humpback whale appearing from the deep.

Polar snorkeler resting on the ice. © B. Mueck

Close encounter with a leopard seal in Antarctica

Polar snorkeling in Antarctica is the right activity for anyone with a passion for the sea and desiring new experiences!


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