We strongly believe in sharing the beauty of mother earth to create ambassadors. Not only for the polar regions but for the whole world.
From the cold waters of Antarctica to tropical islands in the Pacific. Cruising, diving and snorkeling is what we love to do.

Closer looks, interviews, top experiences, wildlife & nature: let our experts inspire you for your next adventure.

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Hi! We’re Waterproof
Cruises & Expeditions

We have been visiting the most beautiful corners of our blue planet since the 1990s, both above and below the surface, and it’s a passion we love to share with you!

We sail along the pack ice in the Arctic, visit the beautiful nature of the Galapagos islands, discover the coasts of Greenland, snorkel with orcas in Norway and swim the warm waters of Tonga.
Everything you want to know about our travels, you can find it here.

Marlynda Elstgeest, founder and CEO


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