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The succes behind the Waterproof brand are the people. It's a team work and a shared passion to deliver the best quality and service. In the field and in the office, creating a bucket full of long lasting experiences.

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Hanne Strager - Waterproof Guide

Hailing from Denmark, Hanne Strager is a biologist and science writer. After graduating from the Aarhus University, Denmark, she studied at the University of California, Santa Cruz, as a Fulbright Scholar. Strager cofounded a whale center in northern Norway and remains involved in cetacean research and conservation. She has served as the director of exhibitions at the Natural History Museum of Denmark and has twenty years’ experience making science and natural history accessible to the general public and has been awarded the Copenhagen University Natural Sciences Faculty’s prize for science communication.

Hanne is an associate professor in Biology of Marine Mammals, Denmark’s International Study Program, affiliated with the University of Copenhagen Teaching marine biology and biology of marine mammals to foreign students in Denmark. She also works as a Consultant, offering advice on fundraising, project development, content development and exhibition design. Working for among others, “The Whale”, a new museum/visitor center in Northern Norway, Stevns Klint UNESCO World Heritage Site and National park Thy

Strager is also a member of Sea Legacy’s braintrust. Sealegacy is an international organization founded by Paul Nicklen and Christina Mittermeier. Seaegacy is committed to the conservation of the sea and marine life and works to create awareness of climate change and the plight of our oceans http://www.sealegacy.org/ .

Hanne will join Waterproof Expeditions on their Winter Whale Expeditions in Norway as a whale expert.

Honours & Awards:
2012 Residency at San Cataldo retreat, Amalfi, Italy
2010 Named in top 25 “most prominent science people in Denmark” by Ingeniøren magazine (2010)
2009 Copenhagen University Natural Sciences Faculty's prize for public outreach work
1994 DANIDA, Danish development assistance programmes, travel grant
1990 Research Academy grant
1989 Fulbright Commission scholarship
1989 The Carlsberg Foundation Scholarship

Hanne Stager

Hanne Stager