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Producer of award winning high quality diving suits and accessories.

Waterproof International

High quality diving suits and accessories

Waterproof Cruises & Expeditions was founded by Marlynda Elstgeest (CEO) and Göran Ehlmé, head of the R&D departement at Waterproof International. They combined their passions for diving and the polar regions into a travel company so that others could also enjoy unique underwater experiences in the most remote places on earth.
After 35 years of experience as a dry suit producer, and many International Awards for best dry- or wetsuit design, our partners at Waterproof International know how important it is to keep up the quality and service to their customers. With innovative and technically advanced products, Waterproof International encovers a broad spectrum of needs, from advanced military, technical diving to leisure tropical snorkeling. They are an international leader in manufacturing premium wetsuits, drysuits and accessories.

Waterproof International chose the mighty Walrus as the archetype for their logo. Walrus live a comfortable life in a cold and harsh environment thanks to insulation and an exceptional ability to adapt to the conditions. That is what a dry suit should feel like, a comfortable second skin that enhances your experience in extreme environments.

Waterproof International

Founder Göran Ehlmé

Waterproof was established in Göteborg, Sweden in 1984 by Göran and Bjorn Ehlmé. The secret behind Waterproofs success is very simple. Diving is their passion! And because they are passionate divers, they know what divers need and adjust according to that. Hands on experience, built right into their suits, together with a never ending curiosity of how to extend the limits of diving.

Award winning diving suits

Over the past years Waterproof International has won many awards for their high quality and technically advanced diving suits. For four years in a row they have been awarded 'Best dry suit'. Furthermore they have often received the 'Tauchen Award' for either best dry suit or best wetsuit, something many customers will confirm.
Visit www.waterproof.eu for high end quality dive products.

"I've been diving drysuits for almost 40 years and without hesitation I can say this is by far the best drysuit I've ever had the pleasure to use! It's perfect for diving as well as comfortable for long animal transports and animal rescues!"

Jeff Foster - Director of International Marine Mammal Rescue, and Co-Director of Nomads Expeditions

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