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The succes behind the Waterproof brand are the people. It's a team work and a shared passion to deliver the best quality and service. In the field and in the office, creating a bucket full of long lasting experiences.

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Terri Souster - Waterproof Expeditions Guide

• Polar Benthic Marine Ecologist
• HSE Commercial Scientific diver
• Boat coxain

Terri’s research interests are marine biodiversity, physiology and ecology. She worked as a field-based marine biologist for the British Antarctic Survey for 13 years, encompassing 6 summer and 4 winter seasons in Antarctica. For the past 4 years her research has also taken her to the Norwegian Arctic where she studied the effect of climate change and multiple stressors on animals that live on the sea floor.
In the past, Terri worked with Waterproof Expeditions as part of the support crew for the popular British film documentary “Deadly Sixty’, and taught polar marine skills to PhD and Post Doctoral researchers in the Arctic.
She has dived submersibles to 300m on the Antarctic Peninsula and spent many hours in small boats surrounded by Orca and humpback whales. Terri is an experienced cold water diver. She has over 800 logged dives, of which 500 are in Antarctic waters with a further 300 in temperate and tropical oceans. This also brought her to the Galapagos Islands to look at marine conservation issues there.
Terri obviously loves to travel and in 2012 she drove from England to South Africa across 21 countries in a Toyota Landcruiser.
Currently Terri is based at The Arctic University of Norway in Tromso and will be our guide for Winter Whales of Norway Expeditions.


Terri Souster

"Currently I'm based at The Arctic University of Norway in Tromso. I'm very passionate about outreach and believe in communicating all things Polar and marine to the public. While guiding the Winter Whales of Norway Expedition I will happily share my knowledge with you."