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The succes behind the Waterproof brand are the people. It's a team work and a shared passion to deliver the best quality and service. In the field and in the office, creating a bucket full of long lasting experiences.

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Göran Ehlmé - Co founder Waterproof

Göran Ehlmé (Sweden) was the first to lead diving expeditions to the polar regions. As the head of the R&D departement and co-founder of Waterproof Diving International in Sweden, he tests his drysuits during his filming work in the Polar regions and has designed them with first hand experiences in mind.
As an underwater cameraman for BBC and National Geographic he frequently travelled with his friend Paul Nicklen filming Leopard Seals, Emperor Penguins and Orca’s. He was awarded with the ‘Overall Winner at the BBC Wildlife Photographe 2006’ award with his image of a foraging Walrus.
As co-founder of Waterproof Expeditions, he loves to share his experiences of the Polar regions and wildlife encounters with travellers around the world, and advices on photography, techniques and equipment. Göran filmed Beluga, Narwhal, Seals, Walrus and other mammals in the Canadian Arctic, Greenland and Svalbard. In Antarctica he filmed Humpback and Minke whales and all Seals (including Leopard), most penguin species, (including Emperors) and invertebrates.
In the Azores (Faial & San Miguel) he spent four seasons diving with Sperm Whales, and since 1985 he has been diving with Orcas in Norway and got very experienced with the whales themselves and the logistics and techniques involved in getting close to them. Görans footage is used in numerous series and films over the past twenty years.

Göran Ehlmé

"I always have, and will do my outmost to keep functionality and quality at top level. Facing Reality – it is not only a phrase for me - It is how I live my life."