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The succes behind the Waterproof brand are the people. It's a team work and a shared passion to deliver the best quality and service. In the field and in the office, creating a bucket full of long lasting experiences.

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Birgitta Mueck

Born and raised on Orust, an island off the Swedish west coast, Birgitta Mueck naturally got a big passion for the ocean and its inhabitants. Already at a very young age, the underwater life became an important part of her life.  The strong passion for nature and wilderness led Birgitta to education in wilderness tourism and nature photography. Since graduation, she has spent the majority of her time in the field as an underwater camera operator working on different natural history productions for national televisions.  Together with her father, Armin, and sister, Nanna, they run Crystal Water Film Production, a Swedish film company that produces underwater films in collaboration mainly with Swedish National Television (SVT) and Norwegian National Television (NRK). And when she is not on a Waterproof Expedition, she lives on a sailing boat while capturing the marine life on film and still pictures in both warm tropical waters as well as in the cold Arctic.  

Birgitta is an experienced diver, a certified PADI Divemaster and PADI AmbassaDiver.

She has been an underwater operator in following TV-productions and expeditions: 
2003–2005 "Journey of the Giants" © Sperm whales in the Azores and Norway.
2005-2007 "Last Giants of Europe" © In search for whales in the North Atlantic.
2007-2011 "Sharks of the North Atlantic" © Sharks in the cold Nordic waters.  
2007-2011 "Corals of the North Atlantic" © Corals in the dark waters of Scandinavia.  
2011-2013 "Expedition Red Sea -half a century later" © Sail- and dive adventure from Sweden to the Red sea.  
2012 "The Arctic Giant" © Bowhead whales in the High Arctic.  
2013-2016 "Life Against All Odds" © Highlighting the importance of protecting underwater areas. Including footage from Scandinavia, Azores and Mediterranean.
2016-2020 "Winter Whales of Norway"  

When Birgitta is not filming, she can be found onboard our Winter Whales of Norway Expeditions as an Expedition Leader

Birgitta Mueck

"With my photographs and films I want to show the beauty and the great variety of nature living around us, on land as well as the spectacular life hiding under the surface. To be able to share my experiences and the happieness I feel while I am filming in the wild, is very important to me and makes my time in the wild even more valuable."

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