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Unique all-women dive and snorkel expeditions to the Arctic. Led by geoscientist and journalist Susan R. Eaton.

All Women Expeditions

Our "Women only trips" provides great opportunities to meet like minded and fascinating women that love to share their passions and life aspirations. Some women may be interested in a trip with scientific purpose while other women may simply love to the adventure. No matter what your motivation is, you will enjoy the companionship and inspirational stories that make these experiences the trip of a lifetime!

Sedna Epic Expeditions

All-women Arctic Expeditions

The team of Sedna Epic consists of women ocean explorers, scientists, artists, adventurers, and diving professionals. Led by Expedition Founder, Geoscientist and Journalist, Susan R. Eaton, these Sea Women explore the Arctic ocean and study the changing ice conditons and marine life to deliver hands-on knowledge to Inuit youth and elders. Sedna Epic particularly focusses on empowering the indigenous girls and young women in the Inuit and Inuvialuit communities. By combining scientific research and aboriginal knowledge they are enabling this next generation to handle climate and societal changes in the Arctic.
Waterproof Cruises & Expeditions supports this vision and is proud to partner with Sedna Epic Expeditions to create unique women only expeditions to Northern Norway.  

Join our Sedna Epic Expeditions to Norway

Winter Whales of the Norwegian Fjords

This is a seven-day expedition on our live-aboard vessel MS Freya, which starts and finishes in Tromsø, northern Norway at 69 degrees North. This entire expedition unfolds above the Arctic Circle. 
We’ll explore the fjords of Northern Norway in winter, the best time of year to see Orcas. Relying upon local experts and the science community, we stay in touch about the location of the whales, hoping to witness them while feeding on herring. We work towards the magical moment for snorkelers to be in the water with dozens of orcas and humpback whales. Our on-board expert guides will inform you about the behavior of the orcas, and how to approach the whales in a safe and non-disturbing way. We offer a ship-based educational lecture programme about orca conservation and research and other interesting topics on wildlife.

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Sedna Winter Whales of Norway 2021

• 17 - 23 November 2021

• 24 - 30 November 2021

• 23 - 29 November 2022

• 30 November - 06 December 2022

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