Polar Diving &
Polar Snorkeling

A unique Waterproof concept of land and underwater experiences

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Join us for two fascinating activities and explore Antarctica  in a different way. Above and Below the ocean

  • Polar Diving in crystal clear water 
  • Polar Snorkeling around Icebergs
  • Penguins and Seals
  • Breathtaking scenery

An Antarctic experience is more than the scenery and animals above the ice. Make your experience completely unique and discover the wonders of the Southern Ocean. Join our Polar Diving and Polar Snorkeling activity and enjoy the crystal clear waters with macro life and fascinating walls of ice. Watch penguins jumping out of the water and enjoy the company of curious seals.

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FAQ's on Polar Diving and Polar Snorkeling

Antarctica Cruising, Polar Diving and Polar Snorkeling

For most of us Antarctica is the ultimate adventure destination. It's far away, isolated, mysterious and cold. It's pure, impressive and astonishing beautiful. Though you may not be the first to set foot on the continent you will surely feel like the first ! 

Waterproof Expedition operates the Polar Diving and Polar Snorkel operation on board the MV Polar Pioneer. As the smallest 54 passengers expedition vessel operating in the Polar regions we offer a laid back atmosphere in adventurous spirits.

As THE cold water experts we organise two fascinating activities on board in Antarctica and the Arctic: Polar Diving and Polar Snorkeling

The waters around Antarctica are still unexplored and it is not a typcial dive or snorkel destination. There are not many places in the world where life in the ocean is warmer and more abundant than on land. Diving and snorkeling is a fascination exploration for the unknown. The beams of sunlight through the ice and the possibility to see penguins and seals in the water and on land is a great advantage of these trips. You can enjoy the wildlife of Antarctica in its full concept. On land and in the water. A photographers paradise ! 

Polar Snorkeling -  for everybody

Are you a novice diver, or not a diver at all, you can still witness the fascinating underwater world of the Polar Oceans, full of marine life and sculptured ice formations.
Waterproof Expeditions exclusively offers POLAR SNORKELING for everyone with snorkel experience to enjoy the crystal clear waters. Polar Snorkelers are provided with specially designed Waterproof© Snorkel-Dry suits.

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Polar Diving - for advanced divers

Diving in Antarctica is an unique experience for the Advanced diver. Not just ice, but an amazing underwater world with a fascinating marine life. It is the ultimate trip for a complete Polar experience. Be prepared for cold water and pure nature. With an open mind to unexpected encounters and flexible attitude you will enjoy the ultimate Polar Experience. 

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Ask us about our own gear: WATERPROOF - FACING REALITY

The Antarctic expedition was brilliant. My complements to the team leaders and the dive team.   Everyone was incredibly professional and so informative. It was a pleasure to meet and talk with them.

Suzanne M. Gendron Executive Director Zoological Operations & Education Ocean Park Hong Kong.

Antarctic Peninsula

Explore the deep bays and fjords of the Antarctic Peninsula where massive glaciers flank a rugged spine of snowy mountains. Scattered amongst penguin rookeries and basking seals, reminders of early explorers bring history to life. Scientific stations open the door to fascinating research.

Weddell Sea

Travel through the iceberg canyons of Antarctic Sound to the Weddell Sea. Huge glaciers pour down between the mountains from the polar plateau, and plates of ice the size of city blocks cover the ocean’s surface. Visit fossil-rich islands, wildlife havens and remnants of historic explorers’ huts.

Across the Circle

Venturing across the Antarctic Circle beyond 66°33” South, takes you to a frozen region of brooding mountain ranges, massive blue icebergs and waterways taut with fast ice. Plentiful krill attracts the continent’s greatest variety and concentration of wildlife, including orcas, leopard seals, fur seals, penguins and snow petrels.

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MV Polar Pioneer

Polar Pioneer is a small and sturdy expedition ship. A regular in polar waters having initially been built in 1982 as an ice- strengthened research vessel, she was refurbished in 2000 to comfortable cruise vessel for a maximum of 54 expeditioners. Her excellent reputation for polar expedition cruising is due to her strength, maneuverability  and size, allowing  her to access areas where larger vessels simply can’t reach.

Waterproof Expeditions has been appointed by Aurora Expedition as the Dive and Snorkel operator on board the Polar Pioneer. We have our permanent operation on board, our experienced dive and snorkel staff and our specially designed Snorkel equipment.
Join us for an amazing water activity and explore Antarctica the other way !

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Special departures with Polar Snorkel and Diving activities*

2017 - 2018

Spirit of Antarctica    16 Dec 2017 – 27 Dec 2017    12 days        (Ushuaia – Ushuaia)

Triple Cabin               USD    8,900                                              Superior Cabin     USD  13,500
Twin Public Cabin    USD    10,400                                             Suite Cabin           USD  14,900
Twin Private Cabin   USD  11,900

S-Georgia & Odyssey    27 Dec 2017 – 13 Jan 2018       18 days        (Ushuaia - Punta Arenas)
                                                               13 Jan 2018 – 30 Jan 2018       18 days        (Punta Arenas - Ushuaia)

Triple Cabin               USD  15,300                                  Superior Cabin   USD  24,500
Twin Public Cabin    USD  18,500                                  Suite Cabin          USD  25,800
Twin Private Cabin   USD  22,200  

Across the Circle*    30 Jan 2018 – 09 Feb 2018    11 days    sail/fly    (Ushuaia - Punta Arenas)

                                                 07 Feb 2018 – 17 Feb 2018    11 days    fly/sail    (Punta Arenas - Punta Arenas)

Triple Cabin               USD    9,500                                    Superior Cabin   USD  14,500
Twin Public Cabin    USD  11,200                                      Suite Cabin          USD  15,900
Twin Private Cabin   USD  13,500               

Weddell Sea*        17 Feb 2018 – 27 Feb 2018        11 days    sail/fly    (Punta Arenas - Punta Arenas)

                                           25 Feb 2018 – 07 Mar 2018      11 days    fly/sail    (Punta Arenas - Ushuaia)

Triple Cabin               USD    9,500                                   Superior Cabin   USD  14,500
Twin Public Cabin    USD  11,200                                     Suite Cabin          USD  15,900
Twin Private Cabin   USD  13,500              

S-Georgia & Odyssey    07 Mar 2018 – 24 Mar 2018    18 days    sail/fly    (Ushuaia - Punta Arenas)

Triple Cabin               USD  14,300                                   Superior Cabin       USD  23,500   
Twin Public Cabin    USD  17,500                                   Suite Cabin              USD  24,800
Twin Private Cabin   USD  21,200

Prices per person

Option Dive Package  USD  975 / Snorkel Package USD 600  (11-12 days)
               Dive Package USD 1,250 / Snorkel Package USD 1,050  (18 days)

* Special departures with Polar Snorkel and Diving activities - minimum of 6  divers/snorkelers

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