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Underwater Photography in the Polar Regions

Written by Waterproof Expeditions Contributor

Introduction After taking both still and video images in the Polar Regions for more than 10 years, Göran Ehlmé (Co-founder of Waterproof Expeditions) likes to share his experiences with you and give youbsome advise on photography, techniques and equipment for your... more

FAQ’s about Polar Snorkeling

Written by Waterproof Expeditions Contributor

Designed for the more adventurous traveller, Polar Snorkelling is a unique activity that offers the chance to discover what lies beneath the icy Polar waters. This great activity, offered on Waterproof Expeditions' small ship Cruises and Expeditions, allows travellers to enjoy a... more

Cousteau Divers – Galapagos Expedition – An Impression

Written by Pierre-Yves Cousteau

The Galapagos… the word itself is enough to inspire awe and make you think of an iguana. Far from the agitations of society, smack on the equator, these islands have always hosted incredibly rich and diverse marine life. It’s also home to the only penguins of the northern... more

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